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Vibrant, inclusive,

liberating, compassionate

 Who We Are 

We are a faith community. We aim to be inclusive, open, and truthful in all responses to the life of our fellowship and beyond to the world. We welcome people of all ages and stages in our church.

Our Sunday worship and the things we do during the week are creative and we hope transformative for individuals and the congregation.

Our faith is broad and deep. It is Methodist and harnesses four key components. We believe in the importance of the Scriptures, the power of experience harnessed to reason, and the on-going relevance of the Christian tradition. These four are sometimes called the Wesleyan quadrilateral, in honour of the vision and extraordinary mission and ministry of the founder of Methodism, John Wesley.

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About us Trinity Methodist Church in Waiake Auckland

We also see the Wesleyan quadrilateral on the broader continuum of the evolving nature of human cultures and societies.

Wesleyan quadrilateral
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