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Building Bridges Sums Up Christianity

A reflection by Rev. Dr. David Bell

In the story of Moses and the burning bush, we hear God say, I will be what I will be.

So, what is Christianity meant to be? That's an easy question but how hard it is to give a sensible answer. We all know that Christianity is so diverse and sometimes has given itself very bad publicity. Will there ever be a simple answer again? I think so but sometimes it's much easier to communicate with images. Maybe Christianity is all about building bridges. About opening up roads and borders and possibilities. About seeing yourself in the stranger coming from the other side of the river. It's not easy building a bridge, ancient or modern. But once done, once the goal is achieved, how much better life is for everyone. The poet T S Eliot said, The end of all our explorations will be to come back to where we began and discover the place for the first time. Maybe that is what Christianity is all about. Building bridges to others and by so doing finding out who we are, who we will be.

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